Saturday, January 15, 2011

Upcycling churches! Part I

Would you shop in a former house of worship, let's say a church? Dine? Live?

Maybe you've already heard of Church of the Hole Communion - a 19th century building - in Chelsea, NY, where Limelight nightclub was once established.
Limelight, said to have caused so much suffering for the neighbors for its drug-suffused reputation, close in 2001, leaving place for other clubs that alternate in the space until 2007.
Upstairs runs a modern cafe with Philippe Starck chairs and wine list if you need a break from your diggings. Shops are cool and original.
After major investment, the church has being now turned into a stylish retail complex, with retro floor and lots of black, with, pink, silver.
Pics from Librado Romero for NYTimes; also some of my own attempts to capture its atmosphere. The pics are not great, but give a flavor...

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